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Text is in its complex simplicity an attractive format. This is true for both my short stories, where I usually explore sadness, or my latest poems where I capture joy. It also applies to my day job in IT - the text based terminal programs worked well forty years ago and they work effectively still to this day.

After more than ten years in Helsinki the longing for silence and simplicity has lead me to a little cabin in the south west countryside. Originally I’m from Närpiö.


Solveig von Schoultz 2022

2:nd price for the poems ”Fem dikter från mormorsstugan”.

Egilgalan 2014

Best music for string arrangement in the short film Human Machines.


Paintings I’ve painted in either oil or acrylic. I had a solo exhibition at Musslan in Stockholm 2018. I also attended three group exhibitions at Galleria Saima in Helsinki:



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