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Under the moniker Rikky I make music ranging from art rock to dark acoustic albums and EPs. Klick on a album thumbnail to stream one of its songs or download the full release as flac- or ogg-files.

Some releases are are studio recorded, some are lo-fi and some are a mix between the two. Since 2019 I do all of my audio work on the Linux distro Ubuntu Studio using the DAW Ardour together with a bunch of free/open source plugins.

grub (single, 2020)

sketches_1 (compilation, 2020)

Reduciera (ep, 2019)

In Retrospective (split single, 2017)

Depictions (extended ep, 2017)

Stigma (ep, 2016)

Das Gesicht (ep, 2015)

Dissolution (lp, 2014)

Träden utanför (single, 2012)