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My setup

Currently I run the distribution Linux Mint, with the tiling window manager qtile together with the software repository from the Ubuntu Studio Installer. This combo gives me a powerful and flexible open source software ecosystem. It provides the foundation for writing and recording my work. Over at sourcehut I keep a few shell scripts as well as some LaTeX-templates for writing screenplays, short stories and articles among other things.

A list of software I use regularly and recommend:

[still under development to add more software]

  • Desktop operating system: Linux Mint
  • Window manager: qtile (if desktop environment, I go with Xfce)
  • File managers: thunar, lf
  • Theme: Dracula slim
  • Icons: Tela purple dark
  • Fonts: mononoki (for terminal, text editors etc), Accanthis and Linux Libertine (for most other stuff)
  • Text editor: vim (I'm currently looking into spacemacs as a IDE)
  • Fictional writing: vim+LaTeX+zathura using these templates
  • Presentation software: sent or LaTeX (with beamer package)
  • pdf reader: zathura (okular is also good)
  • DAW: Ardour
  • Chat: XMPP/Jabber. I'd go with blabber (Android) and Gajim or profanity (Linux)
  • Mail clients: neomutt
  • Backups: timeshift (for system), rsync for home folder using this script (deja-dup is a good GUI tool for home folder backup with encryption)
  • Cloud (for cloud backups, video calls with third party, note taking etc): Nextcloud
  • Phone operating system: LineageOS (alternatively, if needing proprietary apps that depends on Google Play services, check out microG) with basically all apps from F-Droid.