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Under the moniker Rikky I make music ranging from art rock to dark acoustic albums and EPs.
I've had the pleasure of working with talented session and guest musicians which are mentioned for each specific release if you click one of the thumbnails.
Besides my own project I'm also part of the experimental trio Byn Vacum.

Some releases are are studio recorded, some are lo-fi and some are a mix between the two. Since 2019 I do all of my audio work on with Linux using the DAW Ardour together with a bunch of free/open source plugins.

🎁 If you want to listen to all my songs from one place, check stream page.

an instance of a program in memory (single, 2022)

skuggon (single, 2021)

The Year of the Linux Desktop (single, 2020)

misce1laneous-recordings (compilation, 2020)

Reduciera (ep, 2019)

In Retrospective (split single, 2017)

Depictions (extended ep, 2017)

The Bug (single, 2016)

I rÀine me henar in somarskvield (split single, 2021)

Stigma (ep, 2016)

Das Gesicht (ep, 2015)

Dissolution (lp, 2014)

TrÀden utanför (single, 2012)