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Using my work

I mainly use three licenses, depending on the project.

All of them include you can use/remix my work if:

1. You credit back to me.

It's bare minimum to get credited for the work done.

2. You license your changes with the same license I use.

In other words, you give others the same freedoms that I gave you.

On some of my work I also forbid commercial use, so if you like to use something for a commercial purpose, please contact me. Commercial stuff is fine, why I use this license for a lot of stuff is just to protect my work from being misused. It's very hard not associating a song that's been played in a certain commercial with that product for instance.

Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA)

Used for my art, music, films, most written texts etc. As mentioned above, if you like to use any of my work licensed under this commercially, please contact me.

Creative Commons (BY-SA)

Used for my upcoming book on using Linux as a operating system for creative people. This license permits commercial use.

GNU General Public License

Used for my scripts, anything software related (if I did not fork it and that person was using something else, like the MIT license).