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Other Good Stuff

Just lists of good stuff that has nothing to do with me except that I think it's good stuff.

Some very useful links

Invidious - Choose a spyware- and adfree YouTube frontend
Based cooking website, no trackers, no junk
Minimal cooking site
Nitter - Browse Twitter minimally and with less tracking
Bibliogram - Browse Instagram without Instagram nonsense (FB tries to block it occassionally though)
Startpage - Google with reduced tracking
PrivacyTools - Find great privacy respecting software replacements
Find software alternatives in general (useful when new to Linux and need to know Linux alternatives to proprietary commonly used software)
See the benefits and learn how to use RSS in 2021
Learn how to bullet journal - The analog scheduling that beats any digital calendar/reminder system
LBRY - Open source YouTube alternative with crypto currency instead of ads
Get started with Gemini, a minimal alternative to http-protocol and the modern web
List of phones compatible with LineageOS - Android without Google
Solus - A very sleek user friendly Linux distribution
Script to get your very own VPN (all you need is a VPS/Linux server)

Random interesting links

Explore a strange fascinating 3D model
A duo contributing to a lot of awesome projects
Not Related - Deep podcast covering a broad set of subjects
Radio shows from ~80 years ago
Strangers sending in their secrets on postcards
News related to the improvement of the world
Heckscaper - A lot of cool sounds

Related to Finland

Make some money on renting out your apartment for films/commercial productions
Archive films