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Short film Humlevinden published


Back in 2018 the process started for a strange little short film called Humlevinden (English title would be something like Bumblebee Wind).

The idea of the film was basically making a film without trying too much. Trying without trying if that makes sense. I had earlier that year declared to myself that I was done with making films, but when I was gonna move to another apartment I made a discovery. It was a few weeks before I moved and the attic of the house proved very potential for a strange film set. There were doors lying over the floor, a noose was tied from the roof and a little window created a nice natural source of light. On the ground, I found a dried up dead bumblebee.

Humlevinden (short film)

I wrote the script in a week. My restrictions were that it should be possible to shoot it in a day and only include one actor. Shooting really took only one day, but the film was completed earlier this year (so two years in post-production), which is ironic since 80 percent of the film was completed very rapidly (that was one of my goals). However, the animated little part in the middle was made using rotoscoping which proved slow to complete.

Rotoscoping is basically filming something, then using that material to draw the animation in a little bit less than frame by frame. The result looks really cool, but if you want to do this don't underestimate the time it takes.

Humlevinden (short film)

It was a really fun project to do, and I love the cinematography that the passionate cinematographer Jesse Ekholm was able to capture. Alexander Holmlund, the actor, made me very satisfied with his interpretation of the odd character. Aka Bubble helped me a ton by providing a lot of fabric for the clothes. The excellent animator Honken Gullmets took boldly on the task of making the animation come true. I'm very grateful having these talented partners in crime.

Originally I actually thought of not publishing this film on my site for a year or two while I send it to festivals, but the whole corona situation, and partly me never starting the process of sending the film away I suppose, made me change my mind. It's up both as a download and stream on the main site now and if I'll ever send it to any festivals is uncertain. Why not give it a watch?