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Fixing Bisq's micro font size on IPS screens


Bisq is a comparably nice decentralized bitcoin exchange using Tor to increase odds of anonymity. (Now, bitcoin wallets are still easy to trace and there has been some news regarding malicious Tor exit nodes in regards to crypto transactions. I haven't heard it affecting Bisq - they did have an internal messup causing one quite large hack a few years ago, but do your own research as always before using.)

Besides being bloated software, using bitcoin instead of an actually anonymous coin like monero, Bisq has one big annoyance. On IPS screens the font size is tiny. This can be fixed as mentioned here. Personally I fix it by adding an alias to my ~/.bash_aliases:

alias bisq='JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-Dglass.gtk.uiScale=1.4 -XX:MaxRAM=4g" /opt/Bisq/Bisq'

After adding that line you will now have a sane font size when launching Bisq from your terminal.