Updates from Ricky Lindén

Blog with RSS-feed up and running


I've been interested in having a blog for a while and finally I actually did something about it.

The setup I'm using is made possible by a shell script written by Luke Smith called lb. It is really good and I highly recommend it. Customizable, easy to theme with css, simple cli interface with comfortable locally stored writing capabilities with your text editor of choice.

And most importantly; it auto generates an RSS-feed. I really wanted this because it's one of the more underappreciated established technologies. A good remedy for avoiding censorship, vendor lock-in and spyware while at the same time having the convenience of getting all your news, video content, articles and podcasts from one place.

This blog is still fresh and new, so I'm still exploring what it will exactly be about, but mostly I'd assume:

So shortly put, it's a work in progress, we'll see. Nice to have you here either way. The RSS-feed can be found here.