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Based cooking


There's this neat little project started by Luke Smith called Based Cooking. It's a minimal recipe site that does not track you and is not filled with ads and junk.

Here is the first and second video to why this project was started.

It fits me well because I've been pissed at the same thing. I started saving my recipes in markdown and pushing them to my git-server to save some frustration. But, now there's actually a nice website to get some recipes from.

I also added two of my own recipes to Based Cooking. So far Instant Tom Yam Kung noodle soup and Marinated pork steaks. We'll see, maybe I'll add some more.

The only irony is that when I mentioned this on Mastodon I was shown to a recipe site called GrimGrains, and incredibly enough it's a quick neat little recipe site without trackers and excessive javascript madness. It even has RSS, wow!

I think they are both focused on a bit different food though. GrimGrains being a bit more modern, Based Cooking a bit more traditional, and well, based. Either way, more minimal functional sites in general are desperately needed, happy to have done a small contribution to Based Cooking. Will be interesting to see the development of the project.