Updates from Ricky Lindén

Added some good stuff


I have been getting more and more fascinated by the idea of a decentralized web in 2021.

Meaning, instead of visiting a few tech giants site, we can have a web with many smaller sites. Of course, this is nothing new. These kinds of sites have existed since the birth of the web, but I feel many websites are more like a redirect to people's social media sites etc.

What I want is unique sites. Interesting sites. Sites you actually want to visit and spend some time on.

One tiny way I can contribute to this is to add some awesome things I've discovered over the years.

So, if you head over to this part of my website you'll find lists of different good stuff. Still a work in progress. So far I've added my top 100 films I've seen, some books I feel left an impression after I had finished them, in some cases they changed my life. And finally some links to some websites I think are useful/neat. I will add more good stuff as I go.

Hope you find something you like, that would make me happy.