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Ricky Linden at Porvoonkatu attic 2018

Photo by Jesse Ekholm during the pre-production of the short film Humlevinden.

Hello dearest visitor,

Nice to have you here. My name is Ricky and I'm an open source enthusiast who works within server infrastructure as a customer support engineer. Besides that I'm currently writing a book introducing Linux as a desktop operating system for creative people. Scheduled for release around the end of 2021 or early 2022.

I also make music, write some opinion pieces/articles, direct short films and this is where I collect the results of these efforts.

Currently I run Linux Mint, with qtile together with the Ubuntu Studio PPA to take advantage of a powerful and flexible open source software ecosystem. It provides the foundation for writing and recording my work. Over at GitLab I keep a few shell scripts as well as some LaTeX-templates for writing screenplays, short stories and articles among other things which you are free to use if you wish.

Enjoy! 😁

// R.

P.S. This website is also available on Gemini: gemini://gem.rickylinden.com


Short visual stories, ranging from conventional tales to abstract moods.

Klick on a films thumbnail to view cast and synopsis. Some can be streamed locally or through LBRY.

Humlevinden (2020)

Hysterikon (2014)

Maskinmänniskor (2014)

2 (2013)


In Swedish I write short stories dealing with everyday life, like sex and death, as well as an occasional article or debate contribution related to digital privacy.

Most of my texts are written using LaTeX. Occassionally I'll use LibreOffice or Manuskript.

Med Åsa i tankarna

novell (Nya Argus - nummer 1-2, 2021)

Behåll integriteten och använd tjänster med öppen källkod, såsom Wikipedia

insändare (HBL - 30.7.2020)

Tiktok i Kinas händer

insändare (HBL - 27.5.2020)

[pdf på svenska]


novell (Nya Argus - nummer 1-2, 2020)


novell (Studentbladet - höstnummer 2019)

[pdf på svenska]

Integritetsguide för nätet, del 2/2

artikel (Nya Argus - nummer 9-10, 2019)

Integritetsguide för nätet, del 1/2

artikel (Nya Argus - nummer 8, 2019

[pdf på svenska] [pdf in English]

Många hemsidor missbrukar data

insändare (HBL - 28.2.2019)

Digital information är makt

insändare (HBL - opinion 21.2.2019)


novell (Nya Argus - nummer 1-2, 2019)

Den sista människan

novell (Nya Argus - nummer 9, 2018)

Någonting hemskt

novell (Nya Argus - nummer 2, 2018)

Den sjungna poesin av en självständig musiker: En intervju med Clara Engel

intervju (Populär Poesi - nummer 31, 2017)

Ett decennium av den mörka driften: En intensivlyssning av Scott Walkers album The Drift

essä (Populär Poesi - nummer 30, 2017)

Renaissance när Petrolz 10-årsjubilerar

recension (Populär Poesi - nummer 29, 2016)


Most paintings are in acrylic, oil or a mix between the two. A few are made with ink.

Jäljennös (2018)
mixed media on canvas

Etäisyys (2018)
mixed media on canvas

Exhibited at group exhibition Varjot - Galleria Saima, Helsinki 2018

Rummet efter (2018)
oil on canvas

Rummet innan (2018)
oil on canvas

Exhibited at solo exhibition Två rum - Musslan, Stockholm 2018

Näkymä I (2017)
oil on cardboard

Näkymä II (2017)
oil on cardboard

Exhibited at group exhibition Näkymä - Galleria Saima, Helsinki 2017

Yö (2015)
oil on wooden panel

Sleeper (2015)
oil on wooden panel

Exhibited at christmas group exhibition - Galleria Saima, Helsinki 2015

The Bug (2016)
oil on wooden panel

Kattspillran (2013)
oil on canvas

Zebra II (2013)
ink on cardboard

Zebra I (2013)
ink on paper


Under the moniker Rikky I make music ranging from art rock to dark acoustic albums and EPs. Klick on a album thumbnail to stream one of its songs or download the full release as flac- or ogg-files.

Some releases are are studio recorded, some are lo-fi and some are a mix between the two. Since 2019 I do all of my audio work on the Linux distro Ubuntu Studio using the DAW Ardour together with a bunch of free/open source plugins.

systemd (single, 2020)

sketches_1 (compilation, 2020)

Reduciera (ep, 2019)

In Retrospective (split single, 2017)

Depictions (extended ep, 2017)

Stigma (ep, 2016)

Das Gesicht (ep, 2015)

Dissolution (lp, 2014)

Träden utanför (single, 2012)

Scripts, templates etc.

Over at GitLab I keep some LaTeX-templates, dot-files and shell scripts. You are free to use them if you wish.


Simple templates for writing articles, short stories, screenplays. Most of them uses some packages that removes the slightly 'essay-like' formatting of the book-style for instance. I also got an invoice-template for freelancers with support for VAT.


When needing to convert a .tex-file to .odt I get better results when converting .tex to .html with latex2html and then converting that to .odt with libreoffice. This script takes care of it with all the junk files kept in /tmp.

Food recipes in markdown

I can't be the only one tired of how hard it is to find recipe websites that are not full of unoptimized code, junk, spyware and the life biography of the chef. When I find a good recipe I write it down in markdown and keep it in this repository. Bon apetit.


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