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Ricky Linden at Porvoonkatu attic 2018

Photo by Jesse Ekholm during the pre-production of the short film Humlevinden.

Hello dearest visitor,

Nice to have you here. My name is Ricky and this is where I collect texts I've written, music and films I've made, some blog posts related to life and open source software. Besides that I'm currently writing a book introducing Linux as a desktop operating system for creative people. Scheduled for release around the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Currently I run Linux Mint, with qtile together with the Ubuntu Studio PPA to take advantage of a powerful and flexible open source software ecosystem. It provides the foundation for writing and recording my work. Over at sourcehut I keep a few shell scripts as well as some LaTeX-templates for writing screenplays, short stories and articles among other things which you are free to use if you wish.

Enjoy! 😁

// R.

P.S. This website is also available on Gemini: gemini://gem.rickylinden.com